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Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter, and teacher. Having honed her songwriting and musicianship within the context of San Francisco’s rich independent music scene, Noe has gone on to wider recognition through the release of six albums, as well as national tours opening for many artists, from Ani DiFranco to They Might be Giants. She has shared stages with Patti Smith, Dar Williams, and Vienna Teng, who also covered Noe’s song, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Noe’s songs have also been featured in the motion picture, Cherish.

Musically unique, yet emotionally accessible, Noe’s songs have proven capable of reaching audiences across genre boundaries. Lyrically, her songs often explore the theme of lost or misplaced childhood as a place of wonder, darkness and possibility. Many songs also have a mystical strain.

In 2008, Noe took a hiatus from touring and performing to commence work on a new album, Cascadia.  During this time, she embraced a life of study, earning a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School.  Long interested in folklore and mythology, Noe fell in love with the study of comparative religion.  The ancient stories, she came to see, were like medicine, their messages dearly needed in our challenging times. This was a natural expansion of what had compelled her as a songwriter: the search for the transcendent, hidden beneath the surface of every day life.

Noe’s new album, Cascadia, synthesizes much of what she has gleaned in the five years since her last release. An acoustic album, Cascadia celebrates our connection with the natural world, the quiet power of human resourcefulness, and the discovery, amidst the challenges of modern life, of what you can trust.

Cascadia was funded, in part, via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.  Stay tuned for more music videos, made possible by this campaign. 

Catch Noe at a concert in her hometown of San Francisco, California, or elsewhere on her journey.  You can sign the mailing list here, or visit us on Facebook for the latest.

In addition to her work as a musician, Noe is a Waldorf teacher and choral leader, working with children and adults in a variety of settings.  Click here to visit Noe’s teaching site.