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First Foray

Posted by on Oct 5, 2013

First Foray

Dear listeners, dear readers,

It has been some time now since I maintained any kind of web presence beyond occasional updates on Facebook.  So much has happened during that time…  I went back to school.  I started a teaching career.  This past year, miracle of miracles, I had a baby.

Given all these happenings in my life, I haven’t played shows in a while.  But it’s more than that…  Withdrawing from playing shows has  been one aspect of a broader pulling back from a lot of things I once cleaved to.   So many ideas I once held dear I have now departed from.  So many sureties abandoned in light of the discovery of necessary new uncertainties.  So many places where my priorities have rearranged themselves to accommodate new life and new possibilities.

Amongst these changes has been a big shift in my relationship to technology.  Whereas once I delighted in new gadgets (primarily musical ones!), and shaped music accordingly, I now seem most drawn to things un-electric.  Hand hewn or God hewn.  Candlelight.  My acoustic guitar, unaffected, the way it sounds in my home recording space.  A wooden recorder; when my little son, Ember, gets into something on his own, I can pick it up and cheer us both with a tune.  The way the sunlight looks, filtering through branches in the park.

Over the last years, books such as The Shallows have bolstered my determination to limit media usage in my life.  My worklife as a Waldorf teacher has been an conducive environment in which to do so. While some teachers face pressure to respond to e-mail multiple times during their work day, I happily purchased a granny phone to free me from the potential perpetual distraction of texting.  I removed all screens from the living areas of our home.

It wasn’t just communicative media I began to release from my life.  I also stopped listening to much in the way of recorded music (though I never lost interest in recording it myself!)  Instead I joined a chorus, and even led a few.  I fell in love with what it feels like to sing with people in a room, how alive it is, a song just breathing in the air between you all, raising you up with its beauty.

When I reflect on how my life has changed in the years since I pulled back from performing, for the most part I feel blessed.  I enjoy teaching, being a mother to my son, and all the quiet spiritual riches that come with the daily work of urban homesteading.

At the same time, I miss feeling empowered to put my work out there as I used to do in my early days as an artist.  I miss the kinds of conversations I used to have about art and music.  I miss sharing work and ideas, seeing new places, meeting people, connecting with the wider and larger world.

Then the other day it occurred to me that while life these days makes it difficult for me to play many shows or tour, perhaps I could create a virtual space for music online– a place where I could share not only music, but thoughts, happenings, wonderings, images from my life as  an artist and a mother.

So, Granny phone notwithstanding, I can feel that it’s time to embrace technology again, at least to the degree where I can maintain a simple website– a little outpost where I can leave messages, albums, writings, etc.

So, dear reader, thanks for reading.  And please excuse the errors and spartan starkness of a site crafted by a ludite making her first foray back into the World of Electronic Things.



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