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Cascadia Photos

by Eric Daniel Metzgar

Stills from “Goldenrod” a Music Video in Progress

Directed by Eric Daniel Metzgar

Live from the studio:  Recording Noe’s New Album, Cascadia

It’s always a pleasure to return to our favorite Brooklyn recording studio, Grand Street Recording in Williamsburg.  Here we are in the studio hard at work on our new album.  These sessions happened over the last year or so.  (Working evenings and weekends has meant that this record’s been a long time coming!)  These photos are stills from footage captured by filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar.

Kickstarter Rewards

These are just a few of the rewards from our  Kickstarter campaign.  Thanks to you, the campaign succeeded, and we were able to complete the album.

Noe Live in Concert  (I’m woefully remiss in live shots.  But if you have any good ones, send them here and I’ll add them  :)

Other images of Noe, promo, etc.