Holding Tight and Letting Go

A Singing Circle and Ritual
for Mamas in Transition

WHEN:  Sunday, August 20th, 2017, 3 – 5PM
WHERE:  Community Well, 78 Ocean Ave, San Francisco

Are you facing a transition that will mean increased separation from your child?

You might be going back to work, or sending your child to school for the first time.

You might be watching your older child’s increased independence as s/he moves up to the next grade level.

Or maybe these milestones passed long ago, but you never took the time to feel your feelings about this important rite of passage.

If any of the above speak to you, or if you simply love someone else who is facing a similar moment right now, we warmly invite you to join us for this special event– just for mamas like you.

At this circle gathering, led by Noe Venable of Mothersong Chorus and Meadowlark Music Class, you’ll talk and listen with other women, connect with your own deep wisdom, and find the space to feel and move through your feelings— however those feelings are present for you.

What we’ll do:

Talk and listen in pairs

Do a guided meditation to connect with an “Inner Teacher.” This is that wise voice inside us that can provide loving guidance and support.

Sing together!   Note that this is not singing as you may have experienced it in middle school chorus class long ago… We approach singing as a restorative practice not unlike meditation or yoga. We’ll use singing to connect to our individual strength, and to feel our strength in community. And you don’t need to be a confident singer, though if you are, that’s great, too. 🙂

Snack together, chat informally, and enjoy connecting with an awesome, intergenerational group of women.

So join us for this afternoon of warmth, laughter, authenticity and togetherness.

I look forward to marking this moment with you.

Cost to Participate

$10 – $20 suggested donation, no-one turned way for lack of funds.

If You Want to Join Us

Simply RSVP to me at noevenable@gmail.com.  (It’s helpful to me to have some sense of our numbers so I can bring the right amount of food!)

ON CHILDREN: While we usually welcome little ones at our events, for this gathering, we’d prefer to limit the presence of children in this group to babes in arms. The reason is that people may be expressing some grown up feelings, and I wouldn’t want little ones to feel overwhelmed by what they are receiving from us.

* This gathering is intended to help mothers who are facing a greater degree of separation from their child. However it is warmly and lovingly open, ALSO, to the wider Mothersong and Meadowlark community, and I deeply hope that everyone who sings with us will join us— to hold space together, and enjoy the power of song!


About the Facilitator


Noe Venable is a singer and holistic music educator. As a singer-songwriter, Noe has released six albums of original music, which have earned her a loyal following throughout the world. Noe’s songs have appeared in film, and Noe has toured nationally with some of the greats, including Ani DiFranco.

As a teacher, Noe’s approach is grounded in the belief that everyone is musical. Her classes provide a safe space for beginners and experienced singers alike to explore the joy of making music together. Noe teaches people of all ages. For little ones, Noe leads Meadowlark Music Class, a nature inspired, outdoor music class that children attend with a caregiver. She also leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School, where she teaches indoor and outdoor child observation classes for families. For women and girls, she leads Mothersong Chorus, which brings an intergenerational group of women together weekly to sing.

Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School. Her work is grounded in her spiritual practice, which she continues to deepen through ongoing study with Isa Gucciardi of The Sacred Stream.