Golden Bridges School’s

Outdoor Glen Canyon Parent Child Class

TUESDAYS  10:00 – 11:30 AM

February 27th – April 3rd

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As a parent, you work hard to provide a nourishing life for your child.  Healthy foods, a wholesome environment…  You’re creating a life for your family that’s in line with your values, which sometimes means parenting against the mainstream grain.  You see the fruits of this work every day, but it’s not always easy to manifest.  You seek like-minded community— people you could get real with about the joys and challenges you face every day.

With school on the horizon for your young child, you seek educational alternatives that are aligned with your values.  You’re curious about Waldorf education.  You’ve heard about it, maybe seen some pictures.  Beautiful toys made by hand…  Nourishing foods…  Lots of time in nature…  All that sounds great.

But maybe you’re not sure about all of it.  Can an approach that has its roots in a long ago time and place adequately speak to today’s challenges?  You care about social justice.  You care about educational accessibility.  You care about academics, as well as art and culture.  You’d love to find a place to learn more and ask some honest questions.


If this resonates for you, then 

Apple Star is for You

At Apple Star, families will experience outdoor Waldorf education with Golden Bridges School, San Francisco’s Waldorf – inspired Farm School.

The class is intended for children aged 0 – 3 years old.  Children attend with a caregiver.

Our Morning


We meet in the wilderness of Glen Canyon.  The teacher leads the group in a gentle morning rhythm that includes a homey picnic with warm tea and fresh baked muffins, nature walk, free play, and circle time.

While our morning rhythm soon becomes familiar, our vibrant forest “classroom” ensures that no two classes are the same.  When the creek is flowing, children sail leaf boats or “fish” with sticks.  On rainy days, we “go camping,” setting up a tarp shelter.

There’s also designated time for parents to connect with one another as, over snack, we discuss issues relevant to raising little ones.


Discussion topics may include:


Developing confidence— in your child and in your parenting
Creating a “Family Culture”
Child development
Education from a Waldorf perspective
Other issues, as they arise in the course of our mornings


Make sure to dress for the weather, as our class meets rain or shine.  Good rain gear is a must, and layers are recommended.

We look forward to connecting with you!

To learn more about the class, and about Golden Bridges School, click here.

About the Instructor

Noe has three main interests in life– music, spirit, and fostering human connection. These threads come together for her in teaching.  Whether hiking a trail with a parent-child group or leading a group of women in song, Noe’s mission is the same– to bring people together in ways that encourage authenticity, uplift the spirit and enliven the heart.  Also a professional singer-songwriter, Noe has released six critically-acclaimed albums of original songs and toured the country, opening for many artists, including Ani DiFranco.   In addition to her work with Golden Bridges, Noe leads Meadowlark, a music class for young children and caregivers.  For women of all ages, she directs Mothersong Chorus, which brings an intergenerational tribe of women together weekly to sing.

Noe holds a masters degree from Harvard Divinity School, and her Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch, New England.  Motherhood, however, has been her greatest teacher.  She is mother to Ember, age four, and Peregrine, age one.

About Golden Bridges School

Golden Bridges School is a non-sectarian urban farm school.  The school provides a place-based, nature-inspired education based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.  Our developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum emphasizes ecology, free playpractical work, story telling, and the arts.  Kindergarteners at Golden Bridges spend three full days outdoors, one day hiking, and two days on the school’s farm, where they learn to grow their own food and tend chickens, ducks and rabbits.  Currently serving students in pre-k through third grade, we are located in the excelsior district of San Francisco.