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Meadowlark is a nature – inspired music class for young children and caregivers, led by acclaimed indie singer-songwriter Noe Venable.  We sing songs from around the world.  Singing, movement, play along instruments and our enchanting Celtic harp make this a class the whole family will enjoy.  Join us at indoor and outdoor locations around San Francisco.

No prior musical experience required!

At Meadowlark, we sing songs that will help develop your child’s nature sense.  We don’t just sing about nature, we sing in it!  Two of our three available class days meet outside in the scenic parks of San Francisco.  (We also have one indoor day, for families who prefer that.)  


Created by a Waldorf-trained teacher, Meadowlark is gentle on the senses.  To prevent overwhelm, we balance exuberant moments with quieter ones. At Meadowlark, we remember what it’s like to see life through a child’s eyes.  Our class honors and nurtures the magic of this time.

Our class attracts a very special group of people— mostly parents and a few special nannies who are deeply present with and for their children.  We love witnessing the connections that develop between members of our circle.  

Because this is the deep purpose underlying everything we do:

At Meadowlark, we are building a village, 

one musical circle at a time.

How to Join Us

Meadowlark Meets in Four Locations

Which Meadowlark Location is Right For You?


Golden Gate Park

Fridays, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM

Douglass Park

Mondays, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM

Our outdoor class meets in a meadow, under sheltering trees.  Our instructor brings along a cart of wonders, including play along instruments, a puppet show, and so much more.  It’s magical to make music together like this in the great outdoors, surrounded by the very creatures featured in the songs we share!


Natural Resources

Wednesdays, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM

If you prefer spending time indoors with your child, try Wednesday mornings at Natural Resources.  You’ll appreciate the store’s welcoming, natural parenting vibe, spacious classroom and soft rug to sit on.


Can't Make our Weekday Morning Classes?

Join us for one of these other events!

About the Instructor

Noe Venable is a singer-songwriter and music educator with twelve albums to her name.  In her twenties, she toured the country, opening for many well-known artists, including Ani DiFranco.  In recent years, she has devoted herself to her other life’s passion, teaching.  In 2010, Noe established the music program at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, where she taught music to grades 1 – 6.  In San Francisco, she leads the parent-child program at Golden Bridges School.  She also leads Mothersong Chorus, a San Francisco women’s world music choir.  Noe holds a masters degree in comparative religion and education from Harvard Divinity School, and a Waldorf teaching certificate from Antioch, New England.  Motherhood, however, has been her greatest teacher.  Noe’s son, Ember, was born in 2012.  Her daughter, Peregrine, was born in 2015.


Thank you so very much for such a wonderful music class experience this summer- your music class is the best we have been to and we so enjoyed spending time with you each week!  We listen to your album almost daily and love it!

Angela, SF

My children and I listen to your music every day. We consider you a member of our family. Thank you for your work, your voice, your joy.

Anna S, New York

My son and I went to check out many different music classes and all of them pale in comparison to your music offering! Some of the other classes even made my son cry, as there was too much unstructured noise (random banging of instruments) rather than music.  I’ve been recommending your classes to all mamas I know, both in person and through online forums, and I know that everybody who had a chance to participate in your class loved it. So thank you so much for choosing this path in your life and bringing quality music into ours!

Monika, SF

The music class is such a special and magical time.  Noe exudes calm and wonder and is a joy to be around. From start to finish, the time is beautifully and thoughtfully choreographed, with one song seamlessly flowing into the next.  My daughter and I enjoy listening to and singing Noe’s songs outside of class as well, we are very grateful to have been able to participate and look forward to more music class in the future.

Alisia, SF

I’ve been really enjoying your blog. It’s very inspiring. I’m singing about getting into the stroller, going to bed, getting shoes on, and much more. I’ve also found that singing during the transitions helps me relax and slow down a lot while getting Oscar to do the things we need to do and that makes a huge difference. I used to feel a bit crazed or self conscience when Oscar would resist something like getting in the stroller, especially when there were other people around — like his resistance was a reflection of my parenting. Now when I sing to him during transitions, he may not necessarily act quickly but the singing slows me down and I can take it all more in stride. So thank you so much and I’ll keep reading.

Rose, SF

After Noe’s music class in the Botanical Gardens we would all come home feeling lighter.  I would catch my daughter singing to her dolls in the same way Noe does with the children in our class.  It was a magical kind of experience for us all!

Alyson, SF

Mornings spent with my son at Meadowlark music rank among my favorite times as a father.  My son has often been the quiet, observing type  However, even during those weeks of quiet observation, he returns home to sing loudly and proudly the songs presented at Meadowlark.  The intellectual and spiritual growth enabled by Meadowlark goes beyond the scope of children to encompass parents as well.  As I look around the group on any given week, the adults are smiling and singing as much as the children.  This creates a sort of community around the classes built on love of children and mutual expression.  One leaves feeling both cleansed and connected.  In one word Meadowlark is magical.

Steve, SF

I wanted to give you some feedback since you and your class have so profoundly and wonderfully impacted us. We love your group class and the full incorporation of all of the family in it. That feels so honoring and important. We listen to your cd at home and in the car and use the songs to motivate us through the day to get things done. I have been so inspired and gotten such great things to think about from your post/ blog parent letter that you send out that I can’t thank you enough for that. Music is so much a part of our lives and our day to day and to have such a beautiful guide and coconspirator in it feels like such a wonderful blessing.

Gabriella, SF

Noe is an outstanding teacher not only for the children she leads, but also for the parents. Sol, my son is always excited to go to Noe’s playgroup. He talks about playgroup all week, sings the songs he has learned, talks about the stories he has heard and looks forward to seeing his friends. My husband and I have taken to using methods I learned in playgroup with Sol all the time, like telling stories, using song, and spending much of our time outside. Sol thrives with the consistency of the group’s activities. I’ve also gained new mama and baby friends and loved learning hand-crafts myself. I think Waldorf creates space for young children to flourish and Noe is able to convey a Waldorf early childhood education beautifully. I’m so lucky Sol and I met Noe and the other families in our group.

Aviva, SF

My son and I have both gained so much from being a part of Noe’s music class. The class is a delightful mixture of movement, song, dance and storytelling. I love that she draws songs from folk music traditions throughout the world, adding a cultural experience to an already rich musical one. It is an amazing experience to sing and celebrate music in the outdoors and the botanical gardens is a particularly magical place. I have sometimes left other children’s music classes feeling slightly overstimulated by the intensity of the noise and exuberance. Noe approaches children’s music with a reverence and delicacy that allows us to leave class feeling nourished rather than depleted. My son stands, enrapt, while Noe leads the group in song. Then, at home, he asks for “Noe song?” and proceeds to sing along to the recordings from the class, complete with with enthusiastic gesturing.

Nicole, SF

Our experience with Noe has been nothing short of magical. One of my daughter’s first words was Noe and she talks about her almost daily. Noe has a way with children like nothing I’ve ever seen that comes from an ability to connect with them on a spiritual level, seeing their unique sovereign nature and nurturing its growth. She is an extremely talented musician and storyteller – a true artist with a tremendous amount of passion to create a safe haven for children and their mamas where they can learn and grow, guiding and supporting each other gently along the way. She is tireless in her ability to create and perform new and beautiful material that engages and helps children to play together and understand the world around them. And she makes it look so easy because she thoroughly enjoys what she does. Her air of calm, confidence and love is a beacon to all who know her.

Jen, SF

About the Meadowlark recordings:  “My daughter and I listen to it pretty much daily and are so grateful for your beautiful music! I can’t tell you how many times she’s fallen asleep in my arms for nap as we dance to your songs.”

Laine, SF

Here’s What Our Class Looks Like Outdoors!