For those who want to go deeper than a group setting affords, I offer one on one sessions.  

You might be a person looking to develop your singing voice, a singer-songwriteran educator looking to bring more music making to your classroom, a young artist just finding your voice, or a mother looking for lullabies to sing to your newborn. Whatever your interest in music making, sessions with me offer a safe, nurturing space to explore.

If you are looking to improve as a singer, you may also be interested in technical instruction, and I can provide that as well.  Singing in tune, proper breathing and posture, how to sing safely, without straining, approaching songwriting and improvisation…  I can help you build your skills in any of these areas.

But for most of the people I work with, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Whatever your interest in music, I want to help you learn to approach it from the inside out, through strengthening your connection to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

If You Want to Work With Me

My rates are $80 per hour long session, or $40 per half hour, and may be conducted in person here in San Francisco, or via Skype.  If this is cost prohibitive for you, I warmly welcome you to try out my weekly singing group Mothersong Chorus, which also focus on freeing the voice.

If you are interested in one on one work, let’s connect via e-mail at

Here are some of the people I serve:


As a long time songwriter myself, I love working with songwriters at all stages of development.  Singing, songcraft, overcoming performance anxiety, connecting more reliably to your muse…  All these are things we can work on.

This approach is not only for beginners.  If you’re a professional singer songwriter or performer, I can help you learn to become more centered in your own power.  It’s a great place to create and perform from – a place where your sense of inner guidance is deep, grounded and strong.  


Educators and Caregivers

When it comes to working with children, singing can be a powerful tool.  I can help you develop and gain confidence in your singing voice – so that you can put the power of song to work for you.

As a long time music educator with hundreds of child friendly songs up my sleeve, I can teach you…

  • Songs to smooth transitions
  • Songs to delight and entertain
  • Songs to go along with particular academic subjects
  • Specific songs that are “greatest hits” for different age groups.
  • Songs for self-care
  • Songwriting and improvisation
  • Greater awareness of what holds you back, and what frees you
  • Whatever else you are curious to explore!

For Waldorf educators, I also offer Waldorf specific musical mentoring, including

  • Songs for the early childhood classroom
  • How to work with the “mood of the fifth
  • Pentatonic flute playing
  • Strengthening circle time


Singing through Pregnancy and Beyond

Do you have a baby on the way?  Or a new little one who’s just entered the world?  What better time to work on uncovering your singing voice!  To your baby, your voice is the most important sound in the world.  Learn to use the power of song to connect with your growing child.

Some of what you’ll learn

  • Toning (a gentle, meditative singing practice that will relax and nurture you through labor, pregnancy, and beyond)
  • Sacred chants for birthing
  • Gorgeous, easy to learn lullabies from around the world
  • Guided meditation to meet and communicate with your baby’s higher self
  • Songs to welcome baby when s/he arrives!

All of these tools will deepen your connection to your growing baby.  And when s/he is born, you’ll never hesitate when you need to come up with a lullaby.