In addition to our regular weekday classes, we frequently offer other concerts and one off events, most of which are free and require no reservation.  Here’s what we’ve got upcoming:


Thursday, September 20th, 10:15, 11:30 AM

Free Meadowlark Classes

SF Public Library, Park Branch 

1833 Page St. SF

Play along instruments, interactive puppet show and more!


Sunday October 24th, 11 – 12 PM

Inner Sunset Flea Market

Irving St between 9th and 10th Ave

Free outdoor concert! 

Thursday November 24th, 11 – 12:45 AM

Noe Valley Farmer’s Market

3861 24th Street, between Sanchez and Vicksburg St.

Two Free Outdoor Meadowlark Classes, 11 AM and noon 

We look forward to making music with your family.