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Things to love: Community radio!

Posted by on Jul 18, 2014

Things to love:  Community radio!

Well, we did it!  Hundreds of packages have gone into the mails, and are on their way to our Kickstarter backers.  Packing them up was a daily opportunity to feel, again, so much gratitude to everyone.  Again, thank you so much for making this possible.

A couple of things are still in the works:  1)  Music videos.  One of the songs will be chosen by backer vote, and we want to give our Kickstarter backers some time with the album before we ask for their choice.   2)  The second songbook.  I’ll start working on this in the fall, and hope to have it out by this winter.  Songbooks are very labor intensive, as I learned this past year while creating the Cascadia Songbook.  But I’m really looking forward to starting work on it.

In other news, press is starting to roll in about the album.  Our amazing publicist, Jean Shirk, informs me that there will be a couple of news features on the album that will run next week in the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner.

Also, this evening we played live on KPFA radio on the Bonnie Simmons show.  After so many years away from the bay area, it was surreal and moving to return to KPFA.  Bookshelf altars and walls decked with portrait art of radicals…  Brilliant people so passionate about what they do, working under the radar to share music and messages.   There’s nothing quite like community radio, especially in the bay area.

Now that I’m home again, I find myself questioning my sound-mindedness for ever having left this place.  I sincerely hope it will not be too many years before I find my way back home here for good.

Well, goodnight dear readers.  I’ve got a little one to sing to sleep!

Wishing you wellness and joy,


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