the role of Buddhism

in depth hypnosis

The philosophy of Buddhism is present in Depth Hypnosis as an underlying framework.   

The way we draw upon Buddhism in this modality is not so much as a religion, but rather as a science of mind – a way of understanding why we suffer, and how suffering can be escaped.

That map is most succinctly laid out in four basic principles, known in Buddhism as the four noble truths: 

1) In life, there is suffering.  

 2) Our suffering has underlying causes, and those causes lie in the way we understand ourselves and our relationship to the world.  

3) It is possible to escape from suffering. 

 4) By living ethically, cultivating mindfulness, and developing wisdom, we can awaken and become free.   

It’s important to know that while this philosophical framework does play a role in Depth Hypnosis, it is by no means necessary to “believe in” this or any other framework in order to benefit from this work. 

I share the above primarily those who might be curious to know what is meant by Buddhism in this context, and to clarify that this does not involve the veneration of a deity or ideal.