One on One Coaching for Hearth-Tenders


Nurturing the Spiritual Life of Children


You’re a mama, and you’ve fully embraced that role.  You might be a stay-at-home parent.  Or maybe you work outside the home.  Either way, you’re committed to the deepest, most challenging, most loving work there is– creating a life for your family based on wholesome living and healthy values– in a world where that can mean parenting against the grain.

My ideal clients are people who

  • See creativity as a resource.  But you don’t only want to create beauty, you want to live a beautiful life.
  • Find richness in simplicity.  You strive to fill your days with more of what matters, and less of what doesn’t.
  • Identify as spiritual.  Maybe you have a spiritual practice of your own.  Maybe you belong to a faith community.  Or maybe you just feel like spirituality is important, and you’d like to make it a bigger part of your life, while also nurturing the spiritual life of your children.  
  • Love nature, and want to raise children who are attuned to nature’s larger rhythms
  • Embrace wholehearted living.  You are caring, self-aware, and in touch with your vulnerability as a source of strength.  

Creating this life for our families is rich, but it can also get lonely.   Maybe you yearn to feel more connected– to like-minded others, to your deep self, and to your own deep strength.  Maybe you dream of a simpler life, closer to nature.  However it plays out for you, you are actively engaged in these questions:

  • How can I recognize and nurture the soul needs of my family, and myself?
  • How can I meet my child’s need for wonder, and my own need to feel and hold sacred space?
  • How can I help my children develop the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual resources to hold their own in the adult world, when the time comes?
  • What magic can I spin to guide them?  
  • What lodestone can they follow?
  • And all this asks so much of me.  How can I practice self care?


Our Work Together

My consultancy is about going deeper into the things that matter most to you– in a supportive, nurturing space.  It’s about creating a life that is richer in meaning, fuller in beauty, and more nourishing for your family and for yourself— so you can more deeply enjoy this precious time together.  Drawing on my background as a Waldorf-trained holistic educator, I’ll help guide you in aligning your family’s doings with your deepest priorities.  I’ll support you in developing tools, traditions, and practices that can bring greater harmony to your days.  But our sessions go deeper than that.  I want to help you become a magic maker for your child, and for yourself.  

The Magic Maker

What does it mean to be a magic maker?

A magic maker is what I call someone who actively works to make space for wonder and presence in family life.  As adults, we may use words like “spirit” or “God”, when we get to talking about spiritual life.  But spirituality begins in childhood, and it begins with wonder.

Magic makers learn to

  • Cultivate wonder and delight in daily life with young children through play, songs, rhymes and story
  • Create daily rituals that help children feel safe and loved.  A blessing spoken before a meal, a relaxing drop of lavender oil in the water at bathtime, a sweet story at bedtime.
  • Grow their own creative powers, and nurture creativity in their children.
  • Sculpt their family’s daily rhythm in alignment with the larger, supportive, rhythms of nature.
  • Make space for prayer- whatever that means for you.
  • Create and maintain a home environment that supports all of the above.

My Approach

My approach starts with listening– helping you articulate and move towards your own dreams for your family life.  Once we identify areas of need, I’ll help support you in making concrete progress towards your goals, through creative visioning, scripts to get you writing and reflecting, guided meditations and creative assignments.  I’ll connect you with resources to inspire you in your life with children, including songs, rhymes, stories, blessings, and other treasures from the Waldorf stream and from world folklore.  Most important, I’ll support you in developing concrete means of accessing your own deep wisdom and intuition, to help empower you to deepen and continue this work long after the end of our journey together.

Financial Investment

I charge $90 per 75 minute session.  Sessions can be held in person in San Francisco, or via Skype.  We can meet regularly or occasionally, as you wish.

If this resonates for you…  

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