Work One on One

Uncover Your Voice – Tap into your Power

For those who want to go deeper, I offer one on one sessions in freeing your voice.  Our work focuses on singing as a wellbeing practice – a path to unlocking our personal power. 

Whatever your interest in singing, I want to help you learn to approach it from the inside out, through strengthening your connection to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

This can be very deep work that goes far beyond technical instruction, though I can provide that too.  To support the deeper aspects of the work, I draw on my training in Depth Hypnosis.  Depth Hypnosis is a therapeutic modality that integrates elements of shamanism, energy medicine, and Buddhism

In one on one sessions, I hold space for you to explore what may be limiting you, and to lovingly work on moving past those blocks. 

If You Want to Work With Me

 My rates are $80 per hour long session, or $40 per half hour, and may be conducted in person here in San Francisco, or via Skype.  If this is cost prohibitive for you, I warmly welcome you to try out my weekly singing group Mothersong Chorus, where we do some of this work in community.

To book your session, reach out to