Preventing the Spread of COVID- 19

Our Current Safety Protocol

We offer the following safety protocol to help minimize the possible transmission of COVID and other illnesses. We ask that you…

  • Be vaccinated against COVID 19, with at least one booster.
  • Get a negative result on a COVID rapid test, to be taken before each meeting. I provide these tests, which you can do on site upon arrival. (Children will need to test too, hence the slightly higher cost for those bringing children.)
  • Join us in following the “Bird Cat Dog” system for interacting physically with others. This fun system allows each of us to self-identify how comfortable we are with physical proximity, so that we can honor one another’s needs around distancing.
  • Review our COVID Health Questionnaire the day of each meeting. This easy checklist will help you identify any possible symptoms and rule out the possibility of known exposure.
  • If you feel iffy, even with a negative COVID test, we ask that you stay home, and join us online instead.
  • Given the above precautions, masks are optional. If you do wish to wear a mask, we recommend one that keeps the fabric away from your nose and face.
  • Masks will also be optional in our final concert, which takes place in a large, high ceilinged space.

In addition, we guarantee the following:

  • Small group size. Number of in person participants limited to no more than 18, not including children.
  • Adequate space and ventilation in our weekly meeting space, where we will open the windows and have two high quality air purifiers running

Important: All of the above guidelines are subject to change if the situation with COVID should worsen. However, they will not be made more lenient. We commit to at least the above for the duration of the season, for the safety of all.

We’re confident that the above protocol should greatly reduce the possibility of transmission COVID-19 and other illnesses. We’ve based this protocol on extensive research and communication with song leading colleagues, who have had great success (zero transmission) using this same policy, even in times when case numbers were high.

All that said, by registering for in this group, you acknowledge that you do participate at your own risk, and you will be asked to sign a waiver to this effect.