You know when you feel conflicted?

It might be something small.  One part of you wants to go to that party.  Another part wants to stay home and watch Netflix. 

It might be about something big.  One part of you is happily married, another part of you dreams of fleeing to a rural existence of permaculture and goat herding.

It might play out in self-sabotage.  One part of you values getting work done on time.  Another part throws a wrench in at the last moment.

These are all examples of the multiplicity of the self.  Now I realize this may sound a little out there at first, and for good reason.

Western thought presumes a singular psyche.  We’re steeped in this.  And yet, if you’ve experienced any of the above situations, you’ve already felt it firsthand.  We are not always of one mind.  We are many.

When we engage our parts intentionally and with care (some facilitation can help with this!), a conflicted inner system can come into balance.  Over time, we can learn to bring loving appreciation to all of the hardworking parts that did what they needed do to survive, and eventually help young, vulnerable parts they protect.

There’s another aspect to the psyche that helps this process along.  In Internal Family Systems counseling, we call it Self energy.

Though we may be more or less aware of it, all of us have the capacity to tap into Self energy.  When we are in touch with our Self energy, we may feel one or more of the following – calm, curiosity, care, compassion, clarity, confidence and connection (to name a few…)

As an IFS informed spiritual counselor, I love helping people to get to know the many parts of them, and helping to facilitate their path of healing through compassionate inquiry.  It’s such powerful work!

Recently, I wrote a song inspired by this therapeutic modality, which I want to share with you today.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

With care from my parts to yours,