Mothersong COVID Policy

    Fall 2023

    For outdoor gatherings, masks are optional and we invite you to position yourself as feels safe to you.

    For indoor gatherings, we offer the following safety protocol to help minimize the possible transmission of COVID and other illnesses.

    We ask that you…

    • Join us in following the Bird Cat Dog system for interacting physically with others. This fun system allows each of us to self-identify how comfortable we are with physical proximity, so that we can honor one another’s needs around distancing.
    • Check in with yourself on the day of each meeting.  Are you well?  Are you experiencing any symptoms not related to a pre-existing condition?  Do you have any known COVID exposures?
    • In the case of a known COVID exposure, please be sure to do a COVID test on yourself before joining us, and/or refrain from joining us until you know you’re in the clear.
    • If you feel iffy, even with a negative COVID test, please stay home.
    • Masks are optional.  If you do decide to wear a mask, we recommend this one, preferred by choruses for protection, comfort, and vocal clarity.  (If you have a different mask you prefer, that’s fine too!)

    In addition, we guarantee the following 

    • Adequate space and ventilation in our weekly meeting spaces, where we will ensure adequate ventilation and high quality air purifiers running
    • Reasonable sized group to avoid crowding. Number of in person participants limited to no more than 18, not including children, for the San Francisco cohort, and no more than 12 for the Pacifica cohort.  The only exception to this may be Thursday, January 18th, when both cohorts come together to practice in one space.  Because of our slightly larger than usual group size, masks are encouraged for this meeting. 

    Important: All of the above guidelines are subject to change with any changes in CDC guidelines.

    All that said, you do participate at your own risk and you should have already  signed a waiver to this effect.  Thanks for your understanding.