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Ethereal Chamber Folk Music for Seekers

From American Songwriter Noe Venable


“Meet a songwriter even David Lynch could love.” – SF Bay Guardian

“Ravishingly melodic!”  – Ani DiFranco

“Your music makes me fly.”  A fan

Songs of Healing and Transformation

Album #4

Album #3

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About the Music



From San Francisco, California

comes a singular musical voice

When Noe’s fans are asked to describe her music, they call it

Elven, dreamlike, and entirely original.

Here are a few more of their descriptors:

Haunting.  Penetrating.  Shadow realms. Redemptive.  Tender.

Deeply moving. Priestess.  New myths. Revealing the unseen.

Noe’s music calls to the wildest recesses of the soul.  Her songs are intimate, with lyrics both rooted and whimsical, and arrangements that incorporate orchestral instruments, world elements, and dreamy synths.  The SF Bay Guardian wrote that Noe’s music “stuns and enraptures so thoroughly that multiple listenings are required to unravel her mysteries of music and meaning.”

As an independent artist, Noe has built a loyal following around the world.  She has toured nationally with Ani Di Franco and many other well-known artists, seen her songs featured in film, appeared on national television, and been nominated for several awards, for both singing and songwriting.  Her ethereal soprano voice can be heard on releases by Ani DiFranco and Vienna Teng, who also covered Noe’s song, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

A multi-instrumentalist, Noe plays guitar, mountain dulcimer, piano, and celtic harp.  To capture a vibe of intimacy, she does most of her recording at home.

She is currently at work on a new album.

Also a teacher, Noe cherishes the opportunity to help others come into their voices and gifts. 

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