Reclaim Your Wholeness

Hi, I’m Noe.

I’m a spiritual counselor with tools to help you heal your heart and live the life you want.

My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing insights, tools and inspirations to help you heal and reclaim your power. Because the world needs you, showing up in the fullness of yourself.



Inner Wellspring Meditation

Your intuitive powers are like a muscle.

They get stronger with practice.

Strengthen your intuitive powers today with this soothing (free) guided meditation – The Inner Wellspring.

Put it on before going to sleep, or any time you want to feel grounded, centered, and relaxed.

Get Inspired

With new entries appearing bi-weekly, my blog Tend the Well offers healing stories, insights and practices to support spiritual growth and empowered living.  Search the library to find the right medicine for you today.



Fall Asleep Easily

Turn bedtime into a supportive, healing time with bedtime meditations for deep, relaxing sleep.  Each track takes you on an inner journey through guided imagery to find calm, self acceptance, and peace. Also integrating Celtic harp and nature sounds, these meditations draw on my expertise as a certified hypnotherapist and my creative calling as a harpist, storyteller, and recording artist.  

Work with me

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Fill Your Cup

Check out my blog for insights, tools and practices to support your healing journey.

Get Unstuck

Invest in your inner work with powerful one on one spiritual counseling sessions.


Find comfort and belonging at our group gatherings.  Loving support for the journey home to yourself.  

Social Impact

Support Others in Need

With every session you book or gathering you attend, you help support a person in need.  Each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds to She’s the First, an organization that provides scholarships to girls in low-income communities – working towards a world where every girl is educated, respected and safe.