I want to share something powerful with you.

Anyone can make music.  Yes, anyone.

There’s a saying from Zimbabwe.  

If you can walk, you can dance,

if you can talk, you can sing.

You know what?  It’s true.   


But today, most of us have lost touch with this truth, and in doing so, we’ve lost something of great value.  

You see, songs, singing, making music in community…  These things nourish the soul.  But it is more than this.  Making music together connects us to the human continuum.  The songs are our inheritance.  When we sing them, we let in a great, life giving power— the universal power of music.  My class offerings are designed to help you connect to this power– to draw out your own inner musician, so that you can experience the joy of music making in community.    

This work is my calling, and I’ve dedicated my life to developing the expertise to do it.  I draw on thirty-nine years of experience as a singer, twenty one years as a songwriter, nine years as a Waldorf-trained educator, and twelve years as a student of the world’s spiritual traditions.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m always learning.  I love integrating the new with the known, which keeps my work fresh and vital.

My Offerings

Meadowlark is a nature inspired music class for children aged 0 – 5 and their caregivers.  In this class,little ones get to experience the most important thing for early childhood musical development – immersion in a rich musical environment.   Seasonal songs, poems, and chants, play-along instruments, and an interactive puppet show make this an experience the whole family will enjoy.   Learn more / hear the music.   

My intergenerational women’s singing circle meets weekly to explore singing as spiritual practice, and to mark life’s moments together.  It’s a fabulous group of women.  If this interests you, check out Mothersong Chorus.


For those interested in going deeper, I work one on one with people of all ages to help you tap into the universal power of music. Whatever your interest in music making, sessions with me offer a safe, nurturing space to explore.

So come on down with me…

There’s a group of us gathering nearly every day of the week to visit a place I call the Deep River of Song.  You’ll sing, listen, move, play, laugh and leave uplifted.  Because when we lift our voices in this way, we lift each other up too.

In Love and Music,

Noe Venable


To learn more about my personal story, click here.