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Dear Fellow Parent,

It’s the Winter Solstice and I am wishing you a blessed solstice, today.

Here, looking ahead to Christmas and the close of this year – a year like no other – I find I am feeling so much.  Wow.  I’s been a whopper.  

But we made it through.

We made it through the change, the transitions, the pivoting.

We loved, we grieved, we raged, we hoped, we took action.  We kept on keeping on.

And through it all, we parented.

We loved, we tried, we held our children close.

We kept showing up, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned as parents, it’s this.  

We’ll always show up.  

No matter what.

As I look ahead to 2021, something shines out to me.  It’s something I heard last night, when it was shared at a friend’s solstice gathering.

People sometimes talk about the solstice as an entry into darkness, because it marks the start of winter. 

But in fact, in the seasons’ wheel, the solstice is the tipping point.  

It’s the shortest day of the year, which means that from here, the days get longer again.

The light is returning.  

The light always returns.

When I think about the lengthening days, I think also of the power of love.

It’s like I tell my children.  

Love is powerful.

Love wants to work through us.

Love is you.  You are love.

You are held, safe, seen, and supported.

You have backup, and your backup is infinite.  Beyond any difficulty you may experience,  you have soul riches – resources that can support you through anything.  

Here, on the eve of 2021, I wish you love, strength, and drawing on the resources of soul, self, spirit and community as we embrace the return of the light.

What will we birth in 2021?  How will we continue to show up for our children?  For all children?

These are some of the questions that I am holding as we move into 2021.  

I’d love to hear your questions, too.  

What are you holding right now?  What are you tending?

And I hope to see you soon for online family music making!  Here’s what’s going on with my children’s music class, Noe’s Garden:

Our winter session starts Tuesday, December 29th, and runs through March 20th.  (Yes, so soon!   To minimize disruption to little ones’ routine this holiday, I’m taking just a four day break for Christmas, and we’ll be back next week.)

Register for winter season by December 28th, and you’ll get 20% off the price of drop in.  And, when you register for the full session, you also get a code that also gives you unlimited extra drop ins for the duration of the season.  That’s up to four classes per week for the price of one!

Learn more / Register Here

If you are short on funds, please don’t let that deter you.  This class is no-one turned away for lack of funds, (You’ll see the scholarship form when you go to register.)

This also means that there are only two holiday sing-alongs remaining, so if you’d like to catch one of the two remaining dates, here’s a last special invitation to sing jingle bells with Little Seal.  ?

Looking farther ahead, since some have asked, I will continue to offer only online classes through at least the winter, or until vaccination is widespread.  When I do start teaching in person again in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ll continue to offer online classes as well, for those who are far away and those who prefer this format.

Thank you for being in community with me.

I’m so grateful to serve your family.

Wishing you a beautiful, and I hope to see you soon.

With love,