So, we’re getting ready to move, this month, and meanwhile, we are drowning in FURNITURE.

A small civilization of extra, not yet needed things, each awaiting its chance to be useful.

Double chairs. Double table. Double beds.

With all the furniture, there is very little space left for anything else.

Given that, how funny is this?

Lately, there is a new thought coming up for me. I mean, like, ALL the time.

The thought is


Now, this is not a new thought for me.

I have, for a good while, wanted a synthesizer.

But now I’m really focused on it.

Meanwhile, the practical part of me looks around at the literal TIDES of stuff awaiting rehoming and says, “um, don’t you think this synthesizer thing can wait?”

So, let’s talk about this.

What is this phenomenon?

The way that certain types of inspiration come at surprising times?

I don’t think it’s coincidence.

I suspect there’s an energetic principle at work here.

Big change in one area often loosens up change in other areas as well.

I’ve got a theory about this, and it has to do with the nature of liminality.

(Liminality – the space between.)

When we enter a period of transition in our lives, whether that be a move, a career change, ending a relationship, or any type of change, we enter liminal space.

We often think of liminality in terms of what it is not (e.g. neither here nor there.)

But in fact, liminality has a power and magic all its own.

It’s a hub that amplifies creative flow.

It’s the reason why some of my best songs have been written in airports or where I only had a few minutes somewhere.

It’s also the reason why, when moving, it begins to feel suddenly urgent to get a synthesizer.

The desire has always been there, but in liminality, the rational, critical inner editor is distracted, leaving the inner Inspired One free to declaim.

Have you ever experienced this your own life? The way that change in one area helps catlyze change in another?

If so, I’d love to hear about it!