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Our new album is finished and available for download!

Q – What do hungry rabbits, sly foxes and the theme song from “Outlander” have in common?

A – They all make an appearance on our new album, “The Mountains of the Sky”!  😉

Created with love in my home studio, this album includes 24 songs we’re singing in Meadowlark Music Classes this fall.  Instrumentation features mountain dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and my new gorgeous, full sized Celtic harp.

I played almost every instrument you hear on this album, and my children contributed their sweet voices, playing the roles of the star children on a song called “Stars be Nimble.”

You’ll hear traditional songs from around the world, including Ireland, Scotland, Ghana and the Georgia Sea Islands.  You’ll also hear a few of my own original songs, all on themes of nature, wonder and spirit.

It is my sincere pleasure to create these albums.  If your joy in hearing it is even a fraction of what I experienced making it, then it’s all beyond worthwhile.

A great place to start is our featured song, this one from the African American south – Lucy Rabbit!  🙂 (Listen for my entire family singing along on the “Hey Heys”)