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For a long time, I’ve been looking for a song to signal the start of meal times for our family.  Not a blessing that you sing at the table, but a song to call the family to the table.  Well, I’ve found one at last.

It could be used at home, or outdoors for a picnic. Anywhere that you want to call to a group of busily occupied children to come and join the group. The mood is one of joyful coming together.

The song is called Senwa Dedende, from Ghana.  I haven’t been able to find a precise translation for the words.  I do know that the words are calling a loved one home to eat.  Some sources say that it’s excerpted from a longer song about a father vulture who builds his nest, but then can’t find his way home after a rainstorm.  What you hear here is the mama vulture calling him home.  (If anyone reading this has the expertise to provide a more accurate, precise translation, I welcome your insight.)

I found this song on Mama Lisa’s World.  That site presents an impressively large collection of songs from around the world to sing with children. It’s organized so you can search by country or type of song.

Senwa Dedende can be sung as a call and response song, and also as a two or four part round.

So far, my children are loving this one!