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When the seasons change, we have a favorite ritual in my home. We like to create a scene that reflects the new season. The scene includes figures we’ve made by hand, and a few natural treasures we’ve gathered on our adventures.

In this video, Peregrine and I share our winter scene, featuring a King Winter that I needle felted, and some special touches added by the children.

Nature tables are a tradition I learned from my time spent teaching in a Waldorf kindergarten classroom. A nature table is a sweet, simple way to deepen your family’s awareness of nature’s rhythms, and infusing a little extra wonder into the things you see every day.

Busy parents, (like me!) take heart in knowing – a nature table can be as simple (or as elaborate!) as you like. If you don’t the time to make felted figures for your nature scene, you can just as well use natural treasures you’ve collected – a pine cone, a pretty stone, a crystal…

Your children will love having a special place to display the treasures they bring home with them.

I should also mention, nature tables are usually made on a table. But owing to the small size of our home, we don’t have a spare table surface to work with. So this little window was the best we could manage!

Other creative locations for nature tables include mantles, bookshelves, or curio cabinets Anywhere that is visible to your child can work!

Thanks for watching everyone, and if you make one of these, please share a picture! I’d love to see what you create.

PS: If you’re looking for some winter songs to accompany your crafting, check out my latest album, “The Rainbow Stairs.” This album is a highly seasonal collection of songs for winter.

Or, come sing these songs with us in person at Meadowlark Music Class, for children 0 – 5 with caregivers.  We meet at locations around San Francisco.

Thanks for reading, everyone!