Applied Shamanic Counseling

Build Your Spiritual Foundation:

Develop your direct connection to

(Spirit, Nature, Source Energy, choose your word…)

So you can bring your best to this world

Applied Shamanic Counseling sessions can help you:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs   
  • Find healing where you most need it 
  • Gain answers to long held questions 
  • Deepen your connection to inner wisdom  
  • Learn from the rich mystery of the imaginal realms 
  • Develop mental discipline, clarity and discernment
  • Find inspiration
  • Explore core Shamanic practices with integrity and respect

What is Applied Shamanic Counseling?

Well, before we get to that, let’s start by talking about shamanism in general.

The word “Shaman” comes from the Mongolian language of Tongas, and means “he or she who knows.”

What a Shaman knows is that there is more to this world that what we can see – and that unseen forces, contained in the forms of nature, affect the world we see around us.

A Shaman has cultivated the ability to navigate both the seen and the unseen aspects of the world.  S/he uses that learning to address imbalance and help support healing, on both the individual and collective levels.

Shamanism is the World’s Oldest Religion

Shamanism has roots in the ancient beginnings of many diverse cultures around the world, from the first peoples of the Americas, Oceania, Africa, Siberia, Mongolia, and beyond.  

In my own Celtic lineage, Shamanic practice has echoes in the Welsh Mabinogion, in the Irish Fionn cycle and the archetype of the bean feasa, or “wise woman” who brought back the wisdom of the Otherworld to serve her people.

Each culture has its own practices for accessing the wisdom of the unseen world. These may include song, drumming, rattling, dance, or even ingesting a particular sacred food or drink. However, despite these distinctions, in contexts where Shamanic practitioners are working for the greater good, this basic pattern is consistent:

The shaman works with the forces of nature to bring healing and restore balance – for self, for all beings, and for the Earth. 

Applied Shamanic Counseling adapts core Shamanic practices to a modern therapeutic setting.

You are not too old
and it is not too late
to dive into your increasing depths
where life calmly gives out
its own secret.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Applied Shamanic Counseling is...

A practice for interacting with the imaginal realm in a safe, structured way.

A process to come to know yourself more deeply, so you can live in alignment with your heart’s deepest knowing.

A way of accessing resources beyond your finite self – to help you meet life’s biggest challenges

A non-denominational form of spiritual counseling, accessible to any person, regardless of creed.   

A way to live in healthier alignment with Earth, others, and with all beings.

Your guides await you.  What might you learn?

Kind Words 

(Thank You!)

Life Transforming  

I came to Noe with questions about my boundaries and looking for more clarity around my purpose and partnerships. I’m now feeling much more self-connected and centered and more comfortable embracing the unknown.

For me going on shamanic journeys with Noe’s guidance has created a feeling of coming back home.  I’m amazed at the depth of the experience.

I appreciate Noe’s full and caring presence, and her gift of finding questions that just feel right. I’m now connecting more and more to my spiritual guides and my own inner knowing. 

It’s not only what happens during the sessions, but I’m also receiving a lot of guidance in between the sessions and am learning to use it more in my choices and life decisions.

I highly recommend sessions with Noe. They are definitely life transforming.  – Svetlana S.


How it Works 

In our first session, we identify the specific issue you’d like to focus on.

After giving you a basic overview of the Applied Shamanic Counseling process, I introduce the main practice we’ll work with – the Shamanic Journey.

Then, with support, guidance, and space holding by me, you’ll journey to establish contact with your imaginal realm.

Afterwards, we unpack the experience, teasing out the wisdom to be found there, and charting a course for possible future work.

Subsequent sessions provide ongoing opportunities to continue this process, with each journey building on the last.

Another big part of our sessions involves dream work, dreams being another prime means to tap into the imaginal realm. 

Often times, your journey practice may further illuminate what comes through to you in dreams, and vice versa.  You will thus be supported with dream incubation, dream recall, and dream interpretation.

The goal of Shamanic Counseling is not only to help you heal, but also to empower you in the work so you can continue these wisdom practices on your own.

What You Need to Know

(Especially if Traditional Shamanism is Familiar to You)

Applied Shamanic Counseling is not Traditional Shamanism.  

Here are a few ways in which Applied Shamanic Counseling differs from traditional Shamanism.

1)  Applied Shamanic Counseling is not a lineage based practice

Applied Shamanism is grounded in the values of cultural respect and integrity.  

Recognizing the harm caused by cultural appropriation, Applied Shamanic Practitioners are mindful in how we practice. 

In Applied Shamanic practice, we emphasize the difference between core shamanic practices (practices which frequently occur across many diverse traditions from around the globe), and lineage based practices, which are situated within a single culture, and which carry elements unique to that culture.

We maintain that lineage based practices belong to the culture that originated them and should not be practiced by those not of that lineage, or by those who have not been given training and permission by a wisdom keeper of that lineage.

However, we see the recurring practices found in most cultures to be the inheritance of all beings.

We believe it’s up to each of us to develop our own direct relationship with the more than human world – and to use that awareness for positive change.

2)  In Applied Shamanic Counseling, the subject of the healing (that’s you!) takes a more active role.

In a traditional setting, a Shaman would work with their own guides to heal a person.  This type of healing can be effective, and it’s likely that, after the process, the subject of the healing would feel better.  However, the Shaman’s actions and process would likely remain opaque to them.  In other words, they might feel better, but they probably wouldn’t understand what had happened and why.  This can increase the likelihood of problems recurring.

By contrast, in Applied Shamanic Counseling, we use Shamanic practice as a tool for self-inquiry, so that you end up taking a more active role in your healing process.  This process helps reveal deeper patterns at work in your life, while also helping you access the tools and power necessary to shift them.


Who’s it for?

In my practice, I work with adults and children nine and older.  If you have a younger child that you seek help for, you’ll likely find that if you invest in this work on yourself, you’ll see positive results for your young child as well.

The only journey is the one within.

– Rainer Maria Rilke



Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What if I don’t see anything in my Shamanic Journey?

A – In general, every person can connect to the imaginal realm.

Different people may experience it differently. Some are more visual, some are more auditory, some are more kinesthetic, but the connection is always possible.  It’s like learning any new skill.  The more you practice, the easier it gets.

Q – What if I experience something that triggers me?

A – Applied Shamanic Counseling is trauma informed. 

A benefit of doing this work in session is that there are supports in place to ensure that the process stays safe. Those supports include:

1) Safe container.  As practitioner, I am there to help ground, to witness, and guide you.  To help hold this safe container, I draw on my practice in Integrated Energy Medicine.

2) Structure.  Our approach is structured to support your working specifically with benevolent aspects of the imaginal realm – those parts that have only your highest good as their sole intent.

3) Guidance. As a practitioner, I draw on seven years of Shamanic training and personal practice to support your process.

Q – How many sessions does it take to see results?

A – For this work to be effective, it’s necessary to commit to at least five sessions to allow enough time for the patterns to emerge.  (Though you’re welcome to book a single session to try it out.)  That said, people often experience a shift after just a few sessions.

Q – Are you a Shaman?

A – I am a practitioner of Applied Shamanism as taught by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, PhD.  I hold a certification from the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners, which I earned through seven years of study, learning practices such as Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Soul Part Exchange, Space Clearing and more.  Applied Shamanism takes the principles of Core Shamanism and applies them to the modern therapeutic setting. 

My work is grounded in my own daily journey and meditation practice.  

Q – What are your credentials?

In addition to my certification in Applied Shamanism, I hold the following degrees & certifications:

IFS informed practitioner, trained through IFSCA

Certified Practitioner of Depth Hypnosis
MTS (Masters in Theological Studies) from Harvard Divinity School
CHT (Certification in Hypnotherapy) from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.  

Prior to that, I graduated summa cum laude from Hunter College in NYC in a self-designed major centered around mysticism, Earth based religions and the creative process. My major was called “Spiritual Dimensions of Healing.”

In addition to the above, I bring a knowledge of the creative process from my 35 plus years experience as a musician, a knack for leadership and facilitation honed over 12 years as a ritualist and circle keeper, and the compassion that comes from mothering my two highly sensitive kids.

Q – How much does it cost to work with you?

A – Thanks for asking.  Read on!

Financial Exchange

Let’s start with a free fifteen minute call.  In this call, we can discuss your specific situation, and I can answer any questions you may have.  

After that, if it’s a match, I charge $135 for a single session, or $500 for a five session package.

Please note that committing to multiple sessions is highly recommended, especially at the start.  Like any skill, the art of journeying takes time to master.  Five sessions ensures adequate time to build the strong foundation needed for this work.


I might like to try this…

What’s my next step?  

If you’d like to learn more, I’d be happy to share more with you, and to answer any questions you may have.

Here’s what to do – book your free fifteen minute exploratory call here, and let’s find out how Applied Shamanic Counseling can support you.  

I look forward to connecting with you!