Services Offered

Integrative Spiritual Counseling

If you know you’d to work with me, but are not seeking a specific approach, this is the path to take.  Integrative spiritual counseling offers trauma-informed care to deepen your healing journey.  With this approach, we draw on multiple modalities as needed to support healing and self-discovery.

Internal Family Systems Counseling

Heal and harmonize your inner system with this powerful, evidence based approach.  Internal Family Systems sessions will help you get to know yourself in a whole new way, allowing you to move forward with a greater sense of clarity, ease, and self connection.

Depth Hypnosis

This modality integrates elements from Buddhism, Core Shamanism, and Hypnosis to create a fast track for personal change.

Applied Shamanic Counseling

Cultivate the art of receiving wisdom from the deep self with Applied Shamanic Counseling.

Suggestion Hypnosis

Change your habits, release addictions, and nurture the kinds of thoughts that help you thrive.