Healing Begins Within

The Inner Path to Healing

Do you seek support right now?

You might be facing a difficult life transition, such as a career change or a relationship ending.

You might be entering a new role in life, such as becoming a parent or caring for aging loved ones.

You might be dealing with trauma or wounding from a less-than-perfect childhood.

You might struggle with anxiety, depression, bipolar or other mental health challenges.

Or you might just notice you feel stuck in life.  You might feel creatively blocked or less inspired than you’d like to.

Whatever’s troubling you today, this much is sure.

There’s a lot coming up for you right now.

You know you’ve got more healing to do.

And to do that healing, you’re curious to try something new.

Hi, I’m Noe.

I want to tell you about the healing modality that I practice – Depth Hypnosis.  

Depth Hypnosis is a groundbreaking therapeutic approach that can help you deepen your self-understanding, heal your heart, and feel better.

This time tested approach has helped tens of thousands of people world wide – people just like you and I – who are tired of sinking under the sea of life’s difficulties and are ready for change. 

Healing is possible.  It’s possible for you.

And I want to tell you exactly how it works.

To learn more, read on.

What is Depth Hypnosis?

Depth Hypnosis is a therapeutic healing modality developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, PhD. 

In the safe container of our one on one session, you are held with care and compassion.  Through inquiry, we work together to identify the core patterns underlying your current difficulties.

We then work to transform these patterns, using powerful, catalytic processes drawing on several streams – Buddhist Psychology, Hypnosis, Energy Medicine, and Core Shamanism.*

This deeper work happens, with your full consent and active participation, in a lightly altered hypnotic state.   

You’ll never be asked to do anything that feels unsafe to you, and you never give up control.

Our approach is safe and trauma informed, and Depth Hypnosis practitioners undergo rigorous, multi-year training and adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards in this work.

* As a white bodied healer, I am sensitive to the harm caused by cultural appropriation.  The shamanic practices that influence Depth Hypnosis are not lineage based.  Rather, they draw upon elements common across most shamanic cultures, from the Tibetan Bun tradition to the Celts and the ancient Norse.


 What Can it Help With?

Depth Hypnosis is based in the understanding that all symptoms are teachers that can help you find your way back into balance. 

Because of this, it can address a wide variety of issues, including –

Navigating difficult relationships

Healing from trauma and abuse

Navigating the world as a sensitive person

Overcoming creative blocks

Moving through spiritual emergency

Setting healthy boundaries

Overcoming fear, anxiety and depression

Deepening greater self-confidence

Attaining deeper self-understanding

Understanding and transforming anger

Becoming more resourced as a parent

(And more.)

How it Works 

We start with a free, 15 minute consultation.  In this call, you can ask me any questions you may have, and I can tell you more about the process.

The next step is your first full length (up to 75 minute) session where we look at your personal history and present challenges, to identify possible areas of focus.

In our second session, I’ll support you in establishing your connection to inner guidance – that part of you that has only your highest good as its sole intent.

From there, we work with a variety of catalytic processes to get to the root of your current challenges, and to support healing and integration.


Kind Words 

(Thank You!)

Noe has a special way of being so caring, and also giving incredible insights  

I’ve had twelve sessions and look forward to more time exploring and healing with her support. Most recently, she helped me with a longer period with health challenges, and I created some wonderful positive affirmations with her that I still use. We also have done many Depth Hypnosis sessions, which are very gentle and have helped me with embracing parts of myself and my experience, leading to more calm and wholeness.      – Heather M

Insightful, Caring and Effective Support

Sessions with Noe have been super helpful. I really appreciate her thoughtful and caring approach, and I always feel safe, supported and heard during our sessions. With Noe’s help, I’ve been able to start doing some deeper healing, which is exactly why I sought her help in the first place. I highly recommend working with Noe – she’s wonderful!  – Cate S


Who’s it for?

In my practice, I currently serve adults and children nine and older.  If you’re looking for a Depth Hypnosis practitioner who serves couples or groups, I can refer you to a highly qualified practitioner who does work in group and couples settings.  Depth hypnosis has proven highly effective for all of the above.

Visionary, gentle approach to realizing your own self worth  

I’ve been working with Noe re: a personal issue for almost half a year now, and she’s been instrumental in guiding me to realize my own power as a woman of color, mother, introvert, and old-soul path through depth hypnosis.  

At first, I admit I was a little unsure about undergoing a light hypnosis for the process, but I soon learned that it is a powerful, gentle mode to go deeper into yourself to find the root cause of your issue.  

Specifically, through the inner guide, which Noe helped me discover (with the power in my hands), I directly looked at – and explored – parts of myself that I held in discordance pretty much my whole life.  

It was calming and cathartic, and I look forward to doing more of these sessions with Noe.  She is reassuring and patient with a calm-in-the-storm presence.  Definitely worth a try!             – D


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – You referred to Depth Hypnosis as a form of spiritual counseling.  Is this religious?

A – Depth Hypnosis is what you might call “spiritual, but not religious.”  It can support people of any faith, as well as those who don’t identify within a faith tradition.  

Q – How many sessions should I expect to do before I start to see results?

A – Because of the powerful healing modalities it integrates, the process of finding healing through Depth Hypnosis can often produce results faster than traditional therapy.  Many people begin to see shifts after 3 – 5 sessions.

Q – I’m not sure how I feel about hypnotism.  What does that mean, exactly?

A – Hypnotism is a process that allows us to bypass the conscious mind to access the deeper layers of the self.

We proceed with care, always maintaining a connection to inner guidance that is wholly supportive and safe.  (Not sure you can connect to inner guidance?  You CAN.  I’ll teach you.)

Q – I have trauma.  Is this approach safe for me?

A – Absolutely.  Depth Hypnosis is a somatically grounded therapy that is trauma informed.

If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with anything that comes up in an altered state process, you can ask me to count you out, and you’ll be back in the room wide awake and remembering everything.  

Q – What are your certifications? 

A – I am a certified Practitioner of Depth Hypnosis, as created by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, PhD.   I also hold a CHT (Hypnotherapy Certification) from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

In addition, I earned my Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Bachelors degree from Hunter College in NY, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude in a self-designed major bridging Spirituality and Psychology.  

My counseling work is grounded in my own daily meditation and journey practice, as well as thousands of hours of study and practice in hypnosis, Depth Hypnosis, applied Shamanic Counseling, Energy Medicine, transpersonal Psychology, and comparative religion.

Q – How much does it cost to work with you?

A – Thanks for asking!  Read on…

Financial Exchange

Let’s start with a free fifteen minute call.  In this call, we can discuss your specific situation, and I can answer any questions you may have.  

After that, my general rate is $135 for a single session.  However, you save when you purchase multiple sessions at once

New Clients – Three Session Package, for use on your first three sessions – $300

Returning Clients – Three Session Package, (valid for one year after purchase) – $360

Please note that committing to at least three sessions is highly recommended, especially at the start.  This allows sufficient time to establish the foundational practices necessary for the work.