First Time Here?


Well, hello!

Maybe you heard about me from someone you know.  You might have joined me for a class or in person gathering sometime.  Or maybe you’ve enjoyed my singer songwriter music, and are curious to learn a little more about the person behind the songs.

However you found me, I’m glad you’re here.

On this website, I share healing stories and resources to support you on the journey of healing and taking back your power.

Here’s what you’ll find.



Want to learn more about me?

Pleased to meet you!

My life is dedicated to service, and I find immense fulfillment in that.

If you’re curious about my story, you’ll find it here, on my about page.

At a glance:  I’m a native San Franciscan now living on the coastal cliffs of Pacifica, California (unceded Ramaytush Ohlone land. 

I am a caring, attuned person.  (Or so my friends tell me.)  The label “highly sensitive” fits, and I consider that a superpower.

I’m also a singer – songwriter.  In my self-care time, I love writing, singing, and long walks by the sea.

Fun Facts

I play the harp.  I started when I was 42 years old.  Which just goes to show – it’s never too late!

I love shopping at Costco.  Why?  It’s those people giving out samples.  I enjoy connecting with them.

Before I became a spiritual counselor, I was a full time professional singer-songwriter.  I toured nationally, opening for Ani DiFranco and many others.  (Funny story – I once caught a cold from Patti Smith!)

I still release albums, but these days I like to stay closer to home.  (I’m a nester!)

I have two children, and two rescue cats, who are both named after characters in Outlander.  (The cats, not the kids!)


Want inspiration?

In coming weeks, you’ll find inspiration galore on my brand new blog, Tend the Well.  Topics include spiritual practice, creativity, emotional healing, empowerment, and how to navigate life as a highly sensitive person

New posts appear monthly.


Want a taste of what hypnosis might feel like?

If so, then I invite you to enjoy a FREE guided meditation – The Inner Wellspring.  Put it on before going to sleep or any time you want to feel centered and relaxed.