This powerful process supports you in identifying the split within you, and then bringing the disagreeing parts into conversation so that each can be fully heard and fully expressed.Do you ever have the experience that your heart knows something, but your actions just don’t follow suit?

If so, this is a sure sign that you’re dealing with some kind of inner split.

For example, with a relationship. One part of you wants to leave. Another part feels afraid of leaving.

In this case, in order to move forward, you need to address the split that’s keeping you stuck.

Splits can arise in many ways.

A split might be the result of unhealthy dynamics in your family of origin. For example, if you had a highly critical parent, you might develop an inner voice that sounds a lot like that parent.

Or a split may reflect different sets of priorities in your life. For example – one part of you values freedom, creativity, flexibility. Another part of you craves financial sustainability. So when you have to make a decision that will affect both your freedom and your need to provide yourself, both parts get worked up and activated around it.

If you notice you’re feeling stuck in some area of your life due to inner conflict, here’s something to try.

1) Identify the two parts of you.

Let yourself get very quiet, still and reflective. See if you can visualize each part as a person, animal or other being of significance to you. What do they look like? What do they wear? How do they talk?

2) Free write from the perspective of each part. First one, then the other.

After you write for each part, read it back. Then write again, letting each part respond to what the other has said.

What do you learn about the two parts of you? About what each is feeling and needing?

Continue this dialogue, holding both parts of you in compassion, with the aim of seeing where the two parts can find common ground.

It’s amazing what insights can arise when you let the different parts of you speak freely and listen, really listen, to what they have to say.

It can be helpful to do this work on your own, but many people find that it’s much easier to do it with the support and facilitation of a counselor.

Within the safe, sacred space of a one on one session, you can be supported in ways that go far beyond words. As an IFS informed spiritual counselor and Depth Hypnosis practitioner, I am trained in energy medicine, applied Shamanic practices (core Shamanism, not lineage based), and Buddhist mindfulness and meditation.

In session, I draw on all these practices to create a safe, sacred space for your healing journey – one that supports you in going much deeper with the work than it is generally possible to do on your own.

Our time together (meeting over zoom or in person) is a potent, activating container that helps you see past your blind spots and uncover the patterns that have kept you stuck.

And once you begin to see those patterns, it’s amazing the inner transformation that can occur.

Thanks for reading, and blessings on your healing journey!