Imagine you get a phone call.

You’re standing there in your pajamas, when your smartphone rings.

So you pick it up.

“Hi,” says a voice on the other end.  

It’s a voice you recognize immediately, because guess what?  It’s you.  

You are receiving a call from yourself, with an important message to convey.

“I need you to take a good hard look at yourself,” says the voice on the phone.

“You see, what you’ve been doing lately, it’s been hurting me.  It’s been hurting us.  And I think it’s time you took a look at it.”

So tell me – how would you react if you got a message like this?

Would you stop and listen?  

Would you put on a pot of tea, and invite yourself to keep sharing while you listened to all she had to say?

Or would you be less accommodating?

Would you say “it’s really not a good time” and hang up.

For most of us, chances are, it’s the latter.  Because this is a story about how we respond to emotional pain.

The truth about emotional pain is this.

Uncomfortable though it is, emotional pain is not an adversary.

Emotional pain is a helper.

Like a wise friend, she points to the places where adjustment is needed in order to return to right alignment, to return to center.

Emotional pain whispers things like… 

You’re forgetting something.  Something that matters.

“I don’t feel safe with this person.  Can you listen to that and adjust, please?”

“Hey, doesn’t this remind you of third grade?  I’m still a little bummed about that, to be honest.”

Where we feel emotional pain, let this not be something we try to dismiss, repress, or ignore.

Instead, let this be our invitation to look deeper.

Every time we feel emotional pain, we can ask this question –

What needs are not fully met for me, right now?

How can I pivot to better meet those needs?

Your emotional pain points you inward, downward, down to your roots.  Down to the molten center of you.  You in process.  You in motion.  Your evolution.  Your True North. 

Your sacred task – to transform the thought patterns that keep you stuck, through the light of inner compassion and love.

Your emotional pain is a teacher.

In Depth Hypnosis, which is the healing modality I practice, we have a process for addressing emotional pain.

Holding a safe, loving container, and backed by the support of your higher self, we follow the feeling to the place where you were first, or more significantly feeling, that same sensation.

Where we find that source, we use powerful processes that engage you actively in bringing healing to that part of you that needs healing.

It’s a process of reclaiming – of picking up your lost, missing pieces and reintegrating them.

You can do this work in session, but you can start it on your own, too.

Here’s what to do:

Where you feel that ache, that place where the pulse of you meets the sorrow of the world and your inner strings resonate in harmony – don’t run.  

Instead, lean in and listen.

Lean in with all your love, all your compassion, all your tender care.

Lean in with out trying to fix, mend, change.

Lean in as a loving witness – the one who has your back, no matter what.

Every phone call from a part of you in pain is a sign post on your healing path, when you learn how to lean in and listen.

And if you need support on your healing journey, go ahead and book a free call to learn more.  I’d love to support you.

With care,