To change your life takes more than YOU.

By “you” here, I mean Little You.  Little you is like a small boat on a vast sea, and if you’re not working to understand your relationship to the bigger picture, that which is greater than you, then you’re rowing upstream.

But there’s another YOU that’s more powerful.  I’m going to call it “Big You.”

Big You is you, only with MORE resources to work with.

Big You is you working in tandem with the energy that creates worlds. 

 The energy of Life Itself.  Love Itself.

Big you is YOU, only MORE.

What does that MORE look like for you?



Is it YOU + Spirit, Source Energy, God/dess (choose your word)?

Whatever that MORE looks like for you, the stronger that relationship is, the more power you have to work with in your life. 

AND…  That relationship is not set in stone.  If you’re feeling depressed, anxious or sad, isolated or stuck, or if things just aren’t working out as you hoped, maybe it’s time for a tune up in that most primary relationship – your relationship to that MORE.

With your next unsolvable problem, try this one on…  

“Spirit (Creativity, Life Itself, Source Energy, God/dess, choose your word), help me.
Be my wind.
Blow me where I need to go.
Blow me where my light is needed, where my love is needed.
Help me find my harbor.
Help me find my port.
I’m getting myself out of the way, wind.
You take it from here.”

And what about you?  What does that “more” look like for you?